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Pictures...and more pictures!

Posted 10/8/2011 11:16am by Renae Schlatter.

Well it seems a shame to be spending my day indoors on such a beautiful fall day, but I need to post these pictures before they get too outdated! This September we held our farm field day again for our Farm Club Members. It turned out to be a beautiful day even though the weather reports threatened rain. We had a nice group here and really enjoyed the day. Thanks, Garth, for taking time to come and take pictures for us. Usually I am stuck in the kitchen or busy with something else and never go with the group to get pictures. And it is great to see the day through the perspective of someone else!

field day 2011

Checking out the dairy cows.

field day 2011

Listening to Ralph talk about the pigs

field day 2011

Taking a wagon load of people out to the pastures. Thanks, Elliott, for driving!

field day 2011

The wagon from the back.

field day 2011

Ralph describing how the broiler operation works and how we move the floorless pens to fresh pasture every day.


Here is our new dog, Samson. Our old guard dog, Samson, died this summer. It was on one of the really hot days and we think it was a combination of the extreme heat and something not right interally with him. Anyhow, we were without a dog and the predators soon found out that nothing was guarding the chickens. We were able to locate another dog from a farmer friend from Holmes Co, Ohio. He was about 4 months old when we got him. The next questions was what his name should be. We couldn't agree on any names so we just called him Samson. Real original, I know. Anyhow, as pups the Great Pyrenees are really playful and like to jump and play. That didn't go over so great with a lot of the children here. So, here our emplyoee, Nolan, is keeping him away from the crowd. Samson is still in the training stage; learning the difference between guarding the chickens and playing with them. He likes to run among the chickens and romp with them and when he catches one he thinks it's his duty to eat it. We are trying every trick in the book to train him not to eat chickens! I think he slowly may be learning. The other day I was out feeding chickens and was watching him out of one eye and saw he had a chicken in his grips. I called to him and he looked up. So, I walked towards him and he started sulking the other way. I grabbed hold of him and he looked at me with these sad eyes, like, "I was JUST playing!" He knows exactly what he is doing and that he shouldn't be doing it! So frustrating!

field day 2011

Here Sheila is getting the food all set out for our meal.

field day 2011

Going through the food line.Thanks to Liz for all the cooking you did that day! The food was great!

field day 2011

Relaxing on the store porch. This is seriously one of the best places to sit, if you have some time.

field day 2011

Some of the group eating on the straw bales.

All in all it was a great day. We appreciate those who took time out of their busy schedules to come to the farm for the day.

Fall has arrived and I am so thankful for the changes the seasons bring. I love to watch the sky this time of year. The sunrises and sunsets are just stunning! And the clouds in mid September are just so white and fluffy against the brilliant blue sky. We processed our last batch of broiler chickens this week. Now all we have left out in the pasture are the turkeys and laying hens. We are going to have to move our hens up to the greenhouse very soon though. We are loosing daylight and their egg production really drops if they don't have about 12-14 hours of light a day. In the greenhouse we have lights on a timer that allow them that much light. I have been noticing the great sunrises in the mornings when I go out to do chores. So, one morning this week I took my camera with me. It took me a bit longer to get my work done, but the pictures were worth it!

fall sunrise

The mornings have had this incredible fog and it makes everything look so mystical.

fall sunrise

fall sunrise

Just SO amazing!


Here are some of our turkey pens and the laying hens. And Samson!


The laying hens are very curious and like to come by you when you are feeding the other birds. They like to scratch the ground right after we move the pens to find some spilled feed.

fall sunrise

Just a shot looking east. You can see some our round hay bales on the right side. That is some of our winter feed.

That's all I have for now. Get out and enjoy this great fall weather while you can! The trees are turning and are just beautiful! A great place to get out and walk is along the old canals for those of you who live close by. The Grand Rapids/Waterville has some excellent state parks and trails along the river.

We are so blessed!