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Cheese Prices

Raw Milk Cheeses from 100% Grassfed Dariy Cows

Cheeses are packages in approximatley 1/2-3/4 pound packages - Prices are per pound

Cheddar $12.30

Classical cheddar, mild, easy snaking and great cooking cheese, rindless

Black Swamp (Gouda style) $12.30

Coat in a black wax and modeled after gouda style cheese, Black Swamp is mellow and creamy when young, firming up and developing intensity as it ages.

Flat Rock (Abondance style) $12.30

Natural/Washed rind, firm cheese. Sweet, nutty, and creamy when young developing into a savory firm cheese that fills the mouth with bright nutty notes.

Wabash Erie Canal (Gruyere style) $12.30

Natural/Washed rind, firm cheese. Sweet and nutty when young developing into a umami flavor bomb with notes of buttered popcorn and walnuts when aged.

Charloe (Original recipe) $12.75

Multiple award winning, original recipe, washed rind. Semi soft, with a distinctive savory aroma wafting from the rind. Don't let the smell intimidate you, the flavor is mellow, buttery, with aromas that hit the back of the throat like freshly baked bread.  

**Please note that these prices reflect our on farm retail prices only.**

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