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Misc. Items

Organic Spelt and Corn Products Honey Coated Spelt Cereal $7.58/lb   Homemade Spelt Crackers $4.12/pack   Honey Coated Puffed Corn $7.50/lb  Honey Coated Puffed Rice $8.10/lb 

Popcorn Eden Organic Yellow $3.42/lb

Syrups, Honey, and Sweeteners             Pure Ohio Maple Syrup Half Pint $7.74   Pint $11.41   Quart $19.56   Half Gallon $35.86   Gallon $65.20             Sorghum Syrup 24 oz. $9.62   Gallon $65.00            

Raw Honey 12 oz. $5.60   1 lb. $6.25   2.5 lbs. $14.00   5 lbs. $26.75 

Organic Evaporated Cane Juice $2.37/lb   Organic Sucanat $3.03/lb. Organic Coconut Sap Sugar $6.77/lb Organic Powdered Sugar $2.40/lb

Salt/Baking Supplies Redmond Real Salt – 26 oz. $10.50   Redmond Season Salt, Garlic Salt, or Onion Salt – 8.25 oz. $12.00 Aluminum Free Baking Powder $2.42/lb   Baking Soda $0.76/lb Arrowroot Powder $3.96/lb Organic Coconut Flour $5.07/lb   Blanched Almond Flour $9.50/lb

Dried Fruits Thompson Raisins,   Organic $5.55/lb (comes in quart and pint size deli containers)   Golden Sultana Raisins,   Organic $4.81/lb (come in pint size deli containers)   Organic Dried Sweetened Cranberries $12.31/lb (come in pint size deli containers)   Organic Date Coconut Rolls $9.30/lb     Organic Pitted Prunes $13.06lb     Organic Medjool Dates $13.78/lb     Organic Mango Slices $15.51/lb     Organic Dried Apple Rings $14.10/lb     Organic Pineapple Rings $14.76/lb

Fats and Oils Roll Butter, 2 lbs. $7.00/lb ($14.00/roll)         

Fermented Cod Liver Oil – Blue Ice Brand Flavor Free, Cinnamon Tingle, Arctic Mint, Oslo Orange – liquid, 8 oz. $46.00 Flavor Free Capsules $32.90/bottle Butter Oil $70.00/bottle  Capsules $44.00/bottle

Butter Oil/Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blend             Flavor Free $48.00/bottle   -   Flavor Free Capsules $46.00             Chocolate Cream, Cinnamon Tingle $55.46/bottle

Coconut Oil – Organic Extra Virgin             Quart Container (Between 1.5-1.9 lbs) $12.00/lb Coconut Oil – Organic Expeller Pressed             Quart Container (Between 1.5-1.9 lbs) $7.00/lb             Gallon $56.40 Extra Virgin Olive Oil 25.5 oz. $28.10

Condiments Avocado Oil Mayonnaise – 12 oz. $13.14 Avocado Oil Salad Dressings – 8 oz, Ranch $9.58 Ketchup – 11.3 oz $8.21 Classic BBQ Sauce – 8.5 oz $5.95 Teriyaki Sauce & Marinade – 9 oz $10.34 Tahini – 16 oz $10.97 Organic Apple Cider Vinegar – 32 oz $10.81 Tamari (Fermented Soy Sauce) – 10 oz. $7.22

Raw Nuts & Seeds Organic Sunflower Seeds $4.63/lb   Organic Pumpkin Seeds $7.99/lb   Organic Golden Flax Seeds $3.46/lb  Organic Pecan Halves $22.47/lb   Organic Cashew Pieces $16.45/lb Organic Almonds $15.98/lb  Organic English Walnuts $22.46/lb   Organic Unsweetened Coconut Flakes $6.30/lb             Almond Butter – soaked and dehydrated almonds 8 oz $15.20

Dry Beans Organic Pinto Beans $5.60/lb   Organic Navy Beans $3.84/lb   Organic Black Beans $3.43/lb   Organic Red Kidney Beans $3.00/lb   Garbanzo Beans $3.53/lb

Flour, Grain Products Wheat Montana Natural White All Purpose Flour (5 lb) $1.10/lb   Organic Spelt Flour $1.62/lb   Organic Buckwheat Flour $2.78/lb   Organic Yellow Cornmeal $0.97/lb   Organic Rolled Oats $1.56/lb  Organic Spelt Berries $1.68/lb  Whole, Organic Buckwheat $4.23/lb Einkorn Flour $4.87/lb  Einkorn Berries $4.64/lb Organic Long Grain Brown Rice $3.00/lb  Organic Quinoa $6.85/lb   Organic Golden Flax Seeds $3.25/lb

Organic Whole Grain Pasta: Kamut Elbows-14 oz. $6.14 Spelt Spaghetti-14 oz. $7.46 Spelt Ribbons-8 oz. $4.26 Kamut Vegetable Spirals-12 oz. $6.33

Organic Sprouted Grains: Brown Rice $5.36/lb  Oat Berries $5.71/lb   Spelt Flour $4.75/lb   Wheat Flour $5.16/lb   Rolled Oats $5.97/lb

Snacks – Buckeye Trail Mix (Made with Raw Nuts) $6.50/lb Shagbark Yellow Corn Tortilla Chips-12 oz. $5.75

Organic Canned Goods Sauerkraut-8 oz. $5.43  Canned Black Beans-15 oz. $3.20  Canned Navy Beans-15 oz. $3.23  Canned Garbanzo Beans-15 oz. $3.23  Canned Kidney Beans- 15 oz. $3.57  Pizza Pasta Sauce (Glass Jar)-14 oz. $5.22  

Chocolate Equal Exchange Chocolate Chips, Bittersweet and Semi Sweet-10 oz. $6.77 Organic Baking Cocoa- 8 oz. $9.40 Mindo Chocolate Chunks: 67%, 77% - 8 oz. $13.40 Chocolate Bars-50 grams - $7.50

Teas Choice Organic Teas - $6.50/box Peppermint, English Breakfast, Classic Green, Dandy Blend – Herbal Coffee Substitute             Bulk $15.10/bag  Single Servings Box $12.30/lb

Misc. Items Diatomaceous Earth 1 lb $9.50 Great Lakes Beef Gelatin- 16 oz. $19.56  Collagen Hydrolysate- 16 oz. $22.66  

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