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Price List

C/J Natural Meats Price List - All prices are per pound unless otherwise marked

Prices are subject to change without notice


Ground Beef $7.05 Patties $7.35

Roasts: Chuck Roast $7.90   Rolled Rump Roast $7.95   Sirloin Tip Roast $9.20   Standing Rib Roast $11.50   Short Ribs $7.50   Brisket $8.90

Steaks: Cube Steak $7.90   Round Steak $7.15   Sirloin Steak $9.60   T-Bone Steak $9.90  

Beef Fajitas (Skirt Steak) $10.55   Flank Steak $9.80   Rib Eye Steak $14.70   Filet Mignon $18.75

Smoked Beef: All Beef Bologna $8.45  All Beef Hotdogs $9.45   Beef Snack Sticks $19.00 

Beef Summer Sausage $15.00

Canned Beef $9.75/can    Beef Tallow $4.75/lb



Ground Meat: Bulk Sausage $6.40   Link Sausage $6.95   Sausage Patties $6.95   Bratwurst $7.20

Smoked Meat: Ham Steak $7.00   Whole Ham $7.00   Ham Roast $7.00   Smoked Shanks $5.60   

Bacon $10.40    Jowl Bacon $9.25

Cuts and Roasts: Pork Chops $8.65   Loin Roast $7.00   Shoulder Roast $6.00   Tenderloin Roast $9.00 Spare Ribs $6.30  Shoulder Steaks $6.00

Lard: $4.75



Whole Frozen Chicken $4.37

Cut Up Chicken (a whole chicken cut in 8 pieces) $4.63

Gizzards, Hearts $4.37

Feet $3.03

Whole Frozen Turkey $4.37

While in Stock:

Chicken Livers  $4.37

Bone in Chicken Breast  $6.95

Thighs  $5.92

Drums  $5.40

Wings  $3.55

Backs & Necks  $2.83



Burger $10.50   Chops $14.00   Steak $11.75   Leg $10.75  Stew Meat $10.00 Loin Roast $14.25


Organ Meat, Etc.

Heart  $3.45

Liver, Tongue $3.95   Soup Bones $3.20   Oxtail $4.20


Eggs $4.50/dozen


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Cheese Prices

Raw Milk Cheeses from 100% Grassfed Dariy Cows

Cheeses are packages in approximatley 1/2-3/4 pound packages - Prices are per pound

For more detailed information on our cheeses visit

Cheddar $12.00

Gouda $12.30

Flat Rock (Abondance) $12.30

Charloe $12.75

**Please note that these prices reflect our on farm retail prices only.**

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Misc. Items

Organic Spelt and Corn Products

Honey Coated Spelt Cereal $7.24/lb   Homemade Spelt Crackers $3.81/pack   Honey Coated Puffed Corn $7.50/lb  Honey Coated Puffed Rice $7.99/lb



Ladyfinger, Organic $2.16/lb    Eden Organic Yellow $3.34/lb


Syrups, Honey, and Sweeteners

Pure Ohio Maple Syrup

Half Pint $7.74   Pint $11.41   Quart $19.56   Half Gallon $35.86   Gallon $65.20

Sorghum Syrup

12 oz. $6.35   22 oz. $9.00  Gallon $21.40

Raw Honey

12 oz. $5.60   1 lb. $6.25   2.5 lbs. $14.00   5 lb. $26.75

Chocolate Syrup (Organic, Raw Agave Nectar & Organic, Raw Cacao Powder) 20 oz. $13.00

Organic Evaporated Cane Juice $2.37/lb   Organic Sucanat $3.03/lb  Organic Coconut Sap Sugar $6.77/lb Organic Powdered Sugar $2.40/lb


Salt/Baking Supplies

Redmond Sea Salt - 26 oz. $9.50   Redmond Season Salt, Garlic Salt, or Onion Salt - 8.25 oz. $12.00

Aluminum Free Baking Powder $2.42/lb   Baking Soda $0.76/lb   Arrowroot Powder $3.96/lb

Organic Coconut Flour $5.07/lb   Blanched Almond Flour $9.50/lb


Dried Fruits

Thompson Raisins, Organic $5.55/lb (come in quart and pint size deli containers)

Organic Golden Raisins $4.81/lb (come in pint size deli container)

Organic Dried, Sweetened Cranberries $12.31/lb (come in pint size deli container)

Organic Date Coconut Rolls $9.30/lb  Organic Pitted Prunes $8.74/lb                          Organic Dates $13.78/lb   Organic Mango Slices $13.14/lb  Organic Tart Cherries  $24.91/lb  Organic Dried Apple Rings $13.06/lb


Fats and Oils

Roll Butter, 2 lbs. $7.00/lb ($14.00/roll)

Fermented Cod Liver Oil - Blue Ice Brand

   Flavor Free, Oslo Orange, Cinnamon Tingle, and Arctic Mint - liquid 8 oz  $46.00/bottle

   Flavor Free Capsules  $32.90/bottle

Butter Oil $70.00/bottle  Butter Oil Capsules $44.00/bottle

Butter Oil/Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blend - Flavor Free: $48.00/bottle

   Chocolate Cream, Cinnamon Tingle $55.46/bottle  

   Flavor Free Capsules: $46.00/bottle

Blue Ice Infused (Coconut Oil, Fermented Cod Liver Oil, Butter Oil, Fermented Skate Liver Oil)  - 27.5 oz. $67.68   

Blue Ice Calm Balm  $14.85   Blue Ice Beauty Balm $13.10

Coconut Oil - Organic, Extra Virgin

   Quart Container  $12.00/lb

   Gallon $90.24

  Orgainc, Expeller Pressed

    Quart Container  $7.00/lb

    Gallon $53.65

  Organic Coconut Spread 16 oz  - $12.22

Healthy Mayonnaise (No Soybean Oil) - 16 oz. $14.57  32 oz. $22.00

Palm Oil - 17.2 oz. $15.51

Mary's Saute Oil -blend of highest quality olive oil, coconut oil, & sesame seed oil 25.5 oz. $18.50

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - a very pure, cold pressed olive oil. 25.5 oz. $22.72

Organic Sesame Seed Oil - 25.5 oz, $17.50

Popcorn Oil - 16 oz jar. Mixture of coconut oil and red palm oil. $13.90


Raw Nuts & Seeds (Packaged in approx. 1 lb. packages)

Organic Sunflower Seeds $4.63/lb   Organic Pumpkin Seeds $7.99/lb    Organic Golden Flax Seeds $3.46/lb   Organic Pecan Halves $22.10/lb  Organic Cashew Pieces $13.41/lb   Organic Almonds $15.40/lb   Peanuts $3.55/lb    Organic English Walnuts $22.46/lb    Organic Macadamia Nuts $28.68/lb   Organic Raw Hazelnuts $20.58   Organic Unsweetened Coconut Flakes $6.30/lb 

            Almond Butter - soaked and dehydrated almonds 8 oz. $11.60

Dry Beans

Organic Pinto Beans $3.47/lb   Organic Navy Beans $2.80/lb   Organic Black Beans $3.43/lb Organic Red Kidney Beans $3.00/lb   Garbanzo Beans $2.30/lb  


Flour/Grain Products 

Wheat Montana Natural White All Purpose Flour (5 lb) $1.10/lb   Organic Spelt Flour $1.52/lb   Organic Buckwheat Flour $2.78/lb   Organic Yellow Cornmeal $0.97/lb.  Organic Rolled Oats $1.56/lb   Whole, Organic Buckwheat $3.60/lb

Organic Spelt Berries $1.68/lb 

Einkorn Berries $4.64/lb Einkorn flour $4.87/lb

Organic Long Grain Brown Rice $3.00/lb   Organic Brown Basmati Rice $3.35/lb

Organic Wild Rice  $9.25/lb   Organic Quinoa $6.85  Organic Golden Flax Seeds $3.25/lb


 Organic Sprouted Grains

Brown Rice $5.36/lb   Oat Berries $5.71/lb  Spelt Flour $4.75/lb  Whole Wheat Flour $5.16      Rolled Oats $5.97

 Soaps $5.50/bar
Calendula Citrus
Jade Earth
Garden Bliss
Mountain Air
Peppermint Vanilla

Sourdough Bread $5.00/loaf - Plain Whole Wheat OR Cranberry & Seed

Whole Wheat Sourdough Pizza Dough $4.50each


Snacks - Buckeye Trail Mix (Made with raw nuts) $6.50/lb


Eden Organic Products

Sauerkraut - 32 oz jar $6.84   Diced Tomatoes - 14.5 oz $3.40   Whole Roma Tomatoes - 28 oz. $4.65  Tamari Sauce - 10 oz $7.12   Canned Black Beans - 15 oz $3.20   Canned Navy Beans - 15 oz $3.23   Canned Garbanzo Beans - 15 oz $3.23   Canned Kidney Beans - 15 oz $3.33  Apple Cider Vinegar - 32 oz. $8.95   Pizza-Past sauce 15 oz. $4.40

Equal Exchange Chocolate

Organic Bittersweet Chocolate Chips - 10 oz $6.77

Organic Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips - 10 oz $6.77

Organic Baking Cocoa - 8 oz $9.25



Choice Organic Brand

Green Moroccan Mint, Classic Green, Chamomile, Peppermint, English Breakfast                16 bags/box. $6.11/box

Chamomile Spearmint  - 20 bags/box $6.50

Northwest Blackberry, Earl Grey with Lavender  - 20 bags/box $7.24


   Organic Gunpowder Green $22.00/lb   Organic Black $22.00/lb

Dandy Blend - Coffee substitute

  Bulk $14.15/bag  Single Servings Box $12.30/box


Misc Items

Great Lakes Gelatin 

      Unflavored Beef Gelatin - 16 oz $19.56   Collagen Hydrolysate - 16 oz $22.66

Diatomaceous Earth 1 lb $9.50

Jackson's Honest Coconut Oil Potato Chips - 5 oz bag $4.25

Jackson's Honest Coconut Oil Sweet Potato Chips - 5 oz bag $4.25

Jackson's Honest Coconut Oil Yellow Corn Chips - Non GMO corn - 12 oz bag $6.00


Nourishing Traditions $25.00   Nutritional and Physical Degeneration $30.00   Eat Fat, Lose Fat $24.95   The Whole Soy Story $29.95   The Milk Diet $32.00

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